The Stakeholder Engagement Process: Review


Regular review points are helpful throughout the campaign to asses individual engagements. Keeping a record of the following can identify potential issues before campaign completion.

  1. Did the engagement reach the target audience?
  2. Was the message clear and understood by those involved?
  3. Was the tone of any response favourable?
  4. Did it achieve your objective?
  5. Does it require adjustment and a second engagement scheduled?

At the end of an engagement programme the results need to be consolidated and reviewed before dissemination. If actions are being made as a result of the engagement, stakeholders should be informed and details distributed.

The engagement plan should then be assessed for what worked and what didn’t. This learning needs to be stored and brought into the planning of future engagements.

If the engagement strategy is ongoing this is an ideal review point before identifying and planning the next stage.

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Review your campaign with SMART:

Management Dashboard

SMART’s new Management Dashboard gives you an overall picture of your engagement. Reporting on the total campaign response across the whole system.

Media Evaluation (Buzz)

SMART helps to measure the impact of communications, including press and TV, by building a composite, measurable picture of communication effectiveness using simple scoring.

Email Reports

SMART produces a drill-down detailed report for each email campaign. The report gives you an in-depth analysis of the impact of your campaign with bounces, reads, and clicks being taken in to account.