The Stakeholder Engagement Process: Overview


Cloud Based

SMART is a true cloud-based application that can support from one to thousands of users. New users can be added easily, and each user can have a set of permissions tailored, so that they can only see functions in SMART they are authorised to use. Use the permissions features of SMART to connect external agencies up to your stakeholder database and they can tele-research your stakeholders on your behalf.

Rapid Setup

SMART is a true cloud-based application. There is no installation requirement on the client side at all, just a working web connection and either an Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser. Your instance can be up and running within 60 minutes.

Compliance Management

SMART has been designed to ensure that all data held in it and that all communications sent from it comply with the following legislations: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, Freedom of Information Act 2000. SMART ensures best practice compliance by sending regular stakeholder updates to each stakeholder, thereby allowing them to pre-qualify their relationship with you.

User Friendly

SMART has been designed to allow non-technical workers to manage, classify and communicate with stakeholders. No technical knowledge is necessary at all. The programme is suitable for all levels of computer knowledge. We also have a version of SMART available which has been optimised for users with visual impairment.

Continual development

SMART has a long term development plan, so you can be sure that the application will be able to deal with future communication channels and legal requirements whilst continually striving to improve the user experience. Recent updates have included; a revised reporting interface, new desk function and conditional survey questions.

Expert help

SMART has an integral help and support system, so you don’t have to leave the system to get help, look at FAQs or previous support. We guarantee an 8 hour response on all support issues. You are never more than one click away from our comprehensive help function. Whether you need to know something, or want to confirm if your e-mail is correct, it’s as simple as asking us. SMART also has an integrated help manual, which provides comprehensive information about all of SMART’s functionalities.

Rich Feature Set

SMART has a number of powerful core features that help you to more effectively and efficiently engage and manage your stakeholder relationships. Our continual improvement and development programme means that existing features are improved and new features are released regularly.



SMART enables you to identify existing stakeholders and research new stakeholders.

See Connections

See the connections between stakeholders and their organisations.

Permissions Management

SMART enables automatic stakeholder permission management.

Inter-Stakeholder Relationships

SMART is the only dedicated stakeholder engagement platform that allows users to link organisations within the application. This powerful tool helps users to quickly group together organisations that share specific stakeholder interests. Uniquely, SMART allows users to declare 3 different relationship types: member of, partner of, umbrella organisation of. Any consolidated engagement and communications reports can then be viewed.

Organisation And Person Level View of Engagement

SMART now allows users to flip between an organisation and individual’s view of stakeholder activity. Users can switch effortlessly between organisation-led engagement and individual stakeholders and  their needs without the need to maintain separate records for each entity.

Simple but powerful stakeholder management

Users can load data directly into SMART from a spreadsheet or data file, and be able to use the data immediately. The data can then be easily selected using a tag in the SMART data selector, which presents users with a simple menu from which to make their selections. There is no practical limit on the volume of data that SMART can hold.

Stakeholder Selection

SMART has a unique “no SQL required” data selection tool. Users can quickly make data selections by business unit, tags, recency, geo or organisation. Selections can be saved and re-used. They can also be written to screen for review prior to being used in a SMART communication. At any stage in SMART, you can select an individual stakeholder or any list of stakeholders and add tags to their records. The tags can then be used for sending communications or producing reports.

Tagging Function

Any tags that you use frequently in SMART can be added to the unique ‘My Tags’ function which sits at the right of every screen in SMART. You can drag any tag you see to your SMART list and you can drill down and view or select any of the stakeholders attached to those tags.

Event Planner

Event invitations can be sent directly from SMART and responses are tracked as soon as the recipient clicks to accept or reject the invite. You can publish reports based on the responses of the stakeholders and separate non-responders from those who have accepted the invitation using tags which makes it easy to send follow-up emails.

Create Powerful, Cross-Platform Forms

SMART has a powerful on-line forms function which can be used to send surveys out to stakeholders. This is a crucial tool in finding new stakeholders who aren’t already present within in your database. No HTML knowledge is required as our forms are created easily through our user-friendly point and click interface.

Self Update

Stakeholders can easily update their own information via the self-update form. Simply create self update form and issue it to your stakeholders via the communication tool.

Gather Opinions Directly in the Tool

Each response to the survey is added to the stakeholder record. A report on the form responses can also be generated. Create a form, ask relevant questions and post the form to your website. Every response is tagged and sent directly to SMART. This is an excellent way to add new stakeholders to your database who wish to engage with you.

Identify New Stakeholders on the Web

Create forms for gathering and classifying stakeholder interest online. Unlike other systems, as soon as a stakeholder fills in a SMART form, they are added to SMART and tagged with the name on the form. The tool allows you to ask complex questions and can be styled into your website and branding guidelines.

Simple but powerful stakeholder management

At any stage in SMART, you can select an individual stakeholder or any list of stakeholders and add tags to their records. The tags can then be used for sending communications or producing reports. Any tags that you use frequently in SMART can be added to the unique ‘My Tags’ function which sits at the right of every screen in SMART.

Understand Who Your Primary Stakeholders Are

SMART can show you who the most active stakeholders are in terms of communications, social media activity and CRM updates. You can build detailed profiles of your key stakeholders using the SMART Key Partner Profile report.

Opinion Tracking and Mapping

From email response data, to user activity reports, SMART provides a very detailed view of total engagement activity. SMART intuitively monitors all interactions between you and your stakeholders and provides all users with the efficiency and ease of use that enables them to get the most out of their working day. By streamlining your communication network, you can revolutionise your engagement strategy.

Stakeholder Mapping

SMART has a specialist mapping module which allows users to map a group of stakeholders against a power and influence grid. Uniquely, SMART allows users to go back and re-map stakeholders. SMART will then show how the mapping has changed over time. SMART stakeholder maps can be displayed as a data grid (downloadable into MS Excel) and as an X-Y Scattergram.

Social Media Track and Reporting

SMART can be set to track individual stakeholder Tweets and users can run reports on saved Twitter searches. The SMART media clipper allows you to attach customised RSS feeds to a stakeholder as well as general media clippings and links to any external AV format.

Communicate and Engage

SMART is a fully featured SMS/Email creation and broadcast platform. You can send combined SMS/Email campaigns, ensuring your message has maximum impact. SMART has a template function and a powerful HTML editing tool, so you can quickly create and send complex emails complete with customisation to achieve maximum response.


Scheduled Communications

Communications can be scheduled and a reminder is sent out to you before the email send takes place.

Measure Your Strategies

SMART stores a very comprehensive marketing history against each stakeholder. Every email sent, every read receipt, click-through, meeting note and event invite is recorded in their communications history.

Real-time Reporting

SMART allows you to see the response to your engagement campaigns in real-time with advanced reporting.

Triggered Communications

Conditional email allows you to define a communication’s process based on events in SMART. So, if you want to send a welcome email to new stakeholders, or automatically contact stakeholders who have been inactive for a period of time, SMART can do this for you.

Powerful Reporting Tools

SMART produces a drill-down detailed report for each email campaign. The report gives you an in-depth analysis of the impact of your campaign with bounces, reads, and clicks being taken in to account.

Response Reporting

Bounces are analysed and broken down by bounce category; read receipts and click throughs can be viewed at the individual level and each type of respondent can be tagged for subsequent reporting or follow-up. Automatic distribution groups can be set up for SMART emails. Each time a SMART stakeholder is sent an email, their contact history is updated with a copy of the email and we write their reads, clicks and bounces to their contact history as well..

Report Writer

SMART users can create their own stakeholder reports using any combination of organisations, tags, stakeholders or events. The reports are generated immediately and can be circulated via email as PDF documents or downloaded as CSV files.

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